Thai Black Tea

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Thai Tea Blend
Recreate a restaurant-style Thai Iced Tea with this phenomenal blend! Oh and this doesn't include the all to common Yellow Food Coloring used in the many Thai Tea mixes out there which we think looks nice but is not necessary and far cleaner a drink without it. We recommend steeping a double strength cup of tea. Then sweeten the hot brew with condensed milk (only a little as it is heavy!) or use a milk alternative with sugar and serve over ice. If you add dairy last, resting it on top of the ice cubes it creates a beautiful, layered effect in the glass! Refreshing!

Ingredients: Black Tea, Ground Cardamom, Ground Anise & Natural Vanilla Flavor.
Origin: China
Water Temp: 205-212F
Steep Time: 3-5 mins

1 oz. serves about 15-20 cups of tea, depending on your desired strength and arrives in a resealable DM & Co. bag
Our 3oz. comes in a double insulated DM & Co. Tea Tin and serves about 45-60 cups while also saving you money per ounce.

Need to refill your Tin from afar?
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