Luxury Coconut Wax Melts (New Size!)

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived,” — H. Keller

After the successful launch of our Luxury Candle Line in our shop, we have, by popular demand, created our scents in wax melts for all to access and enjoy!

Wax melts are gaining popularity in homes and spaces that cannot or do not allow the burning of traditional candles. This is a great way to include wonderful scents in your space without the worry of a lit flame. Simply place one of our scented coconut wax gem melts onto your electric wax warmer and enjoy the pleasure of our curated aromas throughout your home.

We pride ourselves in working hard to make sure we source, curate & create only the best for you. Our candles are made using rich, high quality scented essential oils that we love and are eager to share with you. Our wax, made primarily from refined coconut wax is hand poured, cleaner burning which is better for you!

Due to popularity we have kept our original line (minus the Holiday candle of course, which you will find again in the appropriate season) and we've added some new fantastic scents to our growing collection so please feel free to browse the collection, read the descriptions and find the perfect candles for you and your friends!