Blooming Flower Tea Ball in Apothecary Jar (Green Tea)

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Enclosed in this Glass Apothecary Jar, perfect for any collection of curiosities, are 6 exquisite Blooming Green Tea Balls. Whether displayed on a shelf with other treasures or readily available in your kitchen, this one-of-a-kind botanical tea is sure to bring both you and your guests delight and fascination.

Each Blooming Tea Ball contains 4 stunning flowers intricately woven into the delicate green tea leaves. When brewed, these flowers will gracefully unfurl, adding a touch of natural beauty to your teapot. This tea boasts subtle hints of lavender and a floral bouquet, perfectly balanced with a delicate sweetness in every sip.

How to enjoy this tea treasure:

Place 1 tea ball in a teapot and add hot water (190f). Infuse until the tea ball fully opens, usually 5 minutes. Watch as the leaves unfurl to reveal the gorgeous flowers within this green tea. Makes about 6 cups per pot, the perfect amount for sharing with company.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Amaranth, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Lavender flowers.
Origin: Fujian Province
Water Temp: 170-190F
Steep Time: 3-5 mins

1 Blooming Tea Ball serves about 6 cups of tea, depending on your desired strength and arrives in a decorative and reusable glass, Apothecary Jar. Each jar comes with 6 Blooming Tea Balls offering a total estimate of about 36 cups per jar (depending upon cup size).

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