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Tiptree's world famous mini jars are found in five star hotels, luxury cruise ships, first class airlines and now at DM & Co!
These mini jars are also enjoyed at home and are the perfect size to take with you when traveling to ensure you are never without your favourite variety!

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APRICOT - This conserve is made from choice sun ripened Spanish apricots and is delicious on toast or as a glaze for cheesecakes. Only the best fruit is used for Tiptree Apricot Conserve, the large fruit pieces give this delicious jam a home made feel. Kosher certified.

BLACK CURRANT - Premium Black Currants are packed into every single jar of our Black Currant Conserve. Kosher certified.

LEMON CURD - Very distinctive, with a strong flavour supporting a light fluffy texture. Kosher certified.

ORANGE MARMALADE - Very traditional marmalade. Sweet, not too tangy orange marmalade with fine cut peel. Kosher certified.

RASPBERRY - Premium Scottish raspberries are gently cooked with sugar in small batches to create this delicious rich preserve with pips.Kosher certified.

HONEY - Tiptree honey is top quality Acacia, selected specifically for its delicate flavour and consistency. Paler in colour than the more usual blended honey, it is a single source honey. Tiptree Pure Clear Honey is known for being a natural, mild and delicate honey, truly a product for the honey connoisseur.


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