DESSERTS - Tea Sampler Set

DESSERTS - Tea Sampler Set

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Dessert Teas sampler set is sure to be a hit that sweet spot as who could resist filling up your cup with these yummy treats? This set includes the following delights: Butterscotch, Apricot Brandy, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Chocolate Mint and crowd favorite Chocolate Orange. Delish!

Each Tea Sample will offer 4-5 cups of tea, depending on the desired strength. Each set comes with a heart-shaped Tea Infuser Spoon which is a great, environmentally friendly way to steep tea, while helping measure the perfect amount of tea per cup!

The back of each tin in our sampler sets states the desired amount per cup, water temperature, steep time and describes each tea as follows:

Apricot Brandy is a sweet & smokey flavored black tea. We were so incredibly surprised by our adoration for this one that we immediately added it to our collection. A wonderful mid day pick me up or after meal treat!

Allow us to assist you in traveling back in time by way of out Butterscotch Black Tea.  Just by smelling this wonderful tea, you'll be taken back to an Old-Fashioned Candy Shoppe, full of sweet aromas! Taste this for immediate smiles!

This sweet, buttery and oil rich nut is known for being high in antioxidants but who knew it was also great outside of chocolate bars?! Our Hazelnut Tea is the perfect black tea for those partial to a nutty flavor. And of course it still pairs well with chocolate!

Our Irish Cream Black Tea is a delightful, full-bodied tea that has added Chrysanthemum flowers which giving it mildly sweet notes of honey. Feel free to bring out the creamy taste by adding milk. This pairs well with morning toast or dessert!

This Chocolate Mint Black Tea includes mint leaves and real chocolate pieces. Add a lil cream to this and you may believe you're indulging in a scoop (or tub, we don’t judge) of one of our favorite ice creams! Without, it may remind you of a lovely after dinner mint.

Our Chocolate Orange Tea is just like those Chocolate Oranges that are oh so popular during the holiday season. This blend is a Black Tea with Orange Peel, Orange and Chocolate flavor and includes real Chocolate pieces. Delight in knowing that we stock this year round!

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