Thai Tea Blend

Thai Tea Blend

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Thai Tea Blend
Recreate a restaurant-style Thai Iced Tea with this phenomenal blend! We recommend steeping a double strength cup of tea. Then sweeten the hot brew with sugar and serve over ice. The final addition of dairy usually rests on top of the ice cubes creating a beautiful, layered effect in the glass! Refreshing!

Ingredients: Black Tea, Star Anise, Ground Cardamom, with Natural Vanilla Flavor.
Origin: China
Water Temp: 205-212F
Steep Time: 3-5 mins

1 oz. serves about 14-15 cups of tea and comes in a resealable DM&Co bag.
3 oz. serves about 35-45 cups of tea, depending on your desired strength and c
omes packaged in a lovely DM&Co. Tea Tin with spoon. 

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