Tropical Purple Tea

Tropical Purple Tea

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Tropical Purple Tea
This Tumoi Broken Leaf Purple Tea includes apple, pineapple, rosehips, blueberries, cranberries, orange peel, strawberry slices, elderberry, caledula, lemon myrtle, citric acid, with pina colada & strawberry flavors. (Orgin: Africa)

What does purple tea taste like?

Purple tea has a pleasant, sweet and woodsy flavor. Some have said it has both black and green flavor characteristics. We found it to taste very much like a green tea, with no-astringency and no tannin bitterness - but it isn't grassy or vegetal. It also has less than 5% of Caffeine which is less than Black and Green Teas. It is also more forgiving than other teas and so if you steep it a bit longer it won't carry on a bitter taste like other teas might.

Water Temp: 190-205F Steep Time: 3-5 mins using a Tea Filter.

1 oz. serves about 12-15 cups of tea, depending on your desired strength and arrives in a resealable DM & Co. bag.
& our 3oz. comes in a DM & Co. Tea Tin and serves about 40-45 cups while also saving you money.

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