Matcha Whisk

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Japanese Matcha Whisk
High Quality Japanese whisk is made of bamboo and an essential tool for Japanese Tea Ceremonies. Each set includes one bamboo chasen and one small bamboo scoop for dishing out Macha powder. This set will help you whip up the perfect cup of lump free matcha to enjoy whether hot or iced!

(Origin: Japan)

MEASUREMENTS This 100 Tate Whisk measures approx 10.5cm (4 1/8") tall, Handle is approx 3.2cm (1.25")


Recipe: Matcha Milkshakes

  1. In a small bowl whisk your milk and matcha together. (Tip: If your matcha is lumpy, strain it with a tea strainer and/or use a dedicated matcha whisk).
  2. Pour your "matcha milk" into a jar, add ice cream. Shake or Blend. Let it soften a bit. Stir and enjoy!

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